Why Are You Afraid To Die?

Abdul Azeez
3 min readMar 31, 2020

My quick question for you is what would be affected if you ceased to exist today? Is it that goal you have been seeking or that impact you have been making? Oh wait, what goal and what impact are you talking about? For most of us, the lives we have lived and the life we have ahead of us can be summed up in a sentence. Survive till the next day. That is all, no specific goals or dreams that keep making us better versions of ourselves.

Well, we might have dreams like make so much money, marry the love of our dreams. Then what else if all these ephemeral goals have been achieved. Do we then say we have achieved all we want and are ready to give up on life? With so many days to sit at home, I honestly think it is time we began to review what we live for every day. And what does it mean when we stop existing?

Our greatest fear is not that we have to die, well everyone would die, our fears should be that we lived so long and made so little impact even on ourselves. The true test of the values of our lives is in how much we were able to push ourselves from where we currently are to where we want to be. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself 20 years down the line doing the same exact thing you are doing right now. Now open your eyes. Do you feel the need to do more of what you are doing or less of it? Do you think you need to change your entire goal and move onto something more impactful?

Understand that the reason for our lives is way greater than whatever it is we might be thinking of right now. Your current circumstance might tell you that you are limited to some areas, but what I can tell you is that you can always do more than whatever it is that you currently think of. The goals we have been set out to achieve are greater than whatever it is that we can imagine. You just have to begin to take steps every day towards those goals. And my question for you today is are you taking the steps you need?

My goal for you when you finish reading this is to evaluate everything you do today and see if doing any of them makes you afraid of dying. Well, we all might be afraid to die, but you would be willing to die at something than another. So are you working on those ideas and goals you will be proud of? Understand that the greatest loss is to realize that we have achieved some goals but those were not the best goals we could have achieved.

To realize that there is a space we could have occupied and we did not is one of the most painful things in life. So as you have the chance at life today, do the things you would be most happy you did. They may not make you happy right away, but way down the line, you would be happy you did them.

And in the end, it would not be whether we die or not, it would be that we did whatever it is that made an impact and did change us for the better. With that, whenever we die does not matter, but whatever it is we have done in this wonderful world would be all that matters. Stay safe and God bless.

Abdul Azeez

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