You Cannot Always Be Right

Abdul Azeez
2 min readJun 7, 2017

A friend once asked me if every post I write was the right thing. I simply answered NO. Not because everything I write was wrong but because everything I write is based on my experience and ideology. Why do I still write if not everyone that reads my post agrees with me?

Well, I write because I want to share my own view of things as I have experienced them. A lot of people might not have experienced the same thing, but the few that have would not always feel they are alone in what they feel. They can know that someone else somewhere has experienced the same thing.

This type of discussion happens in our daily lives where people wish they are always correct or right about their opinion and impression. It does not always have to be true. We all might see things in different ways. Seeing things in different ways does not mean they are all wrong. They are simply different expression of the same thing. The things we see in life depends on how our minds have grown. They all cannot be the same.

Next time someone tells you you are wrong, simply acknowledge that everyone cannot all be right. By saying that, you are simply using the same inference for them. When they say you are wrong, they might also be wrong. Do not create a big deal out of people saying that you are not correct or right.

Understand that it is just another opportunity to reanalyze your situation and determine if you could really see it from the angle of the other person. Understand that you and others do not need to always see eye to eye on a lot of issues but the most important thing is to respect everyone’s view.

You are right and you are also right. The other person might simply be right only when more or less information is provided. When their minds are introduced to more information, they would basically see what you now see.

So be happy when people criticize you. See an opportunity to become better.



Abdul Azeez

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